Food Safety

Food safety is paramount to Pregnancy Chef. We understand and respect the need for extra vigilance in this area and have addressed this through a number of steps:


  1. We have avoided any foods which are considered a food safety risk in pregnancy (for example those ingredients which are high risk for listeria and fish which are high in mercury, etc)
  2. We’ve sent all meals for microbiological testing with a NATA accredited facility. We have a Certificate of Analysis for each meal with no detection of Salmonella or Listeria.
  3. Our fresh meat and poultry is delivered the day we cook it and our fish is frozen.
  4. We utilise a HACCP approved manufacturer. HACCP is the food safety management system for preparing and cooking food. We have complete traceability for all ingredients in our meals as well as for each meal batch.
  5. Once prepared, our meals are snap frozen and delivered to our distributor.
  6. We hold samples of each batch of meals for 12 months for further testing at any time.
  7. Our meals are delivered frozen to ensure maximum protection against Salmonella and Listeria, E-Coli, Bacillus cereus and Coliforms.
  8. Our meals are delivered frozen in Chilltainers. Chilltainers are a patented process that laminates metallised polyester to corrugated cardboard. They are fully recyclable, durable and environmentally sustainable. We decided to use these delivery boxes as they are very durable from a transportation and delivery perspective whilst maintaining the products in their frozen condition.
  9. If kept frozen from the time of delivery, our meals can be kept in your freezer for up to 6 months from the batch date found on the clear film on top of the meal tray. Once removed from the freezer, unopened product can stay in the fridge safely for 2 days. Once defrosted meals should not be refrozen.
  10. Reheating instructions, which can be found on-pack, must be followed carefully.
  11. We combine a 400gm Thermoshield Ice Blanket with the Chilltainer to ensure our frozen product is delivered safely. We have calculated the size of the ice blanket by using the general standard of 20% of the weight of the overall product being the required size of the ice blanket needed. For example, an ice blanket of 330gms is required to protect an order of 5 meals of 330 gms each or a total of 1650gms (1.65 kilos) of product.
  12. Specific information pertaining to storage temperature, shelf and consumption time once defrosted can be found on each meal’s cardboard sleeve. Production dates and batch numbers can be found on the clear plastic film covering each meal’s plastic tray.
  13. For many locations a midnight to 6am delivery slot is available to ensure our food can be delivered during the coolest part of the day and ensure optimum frozen maintenance. We have a 2-hour delivery window for all customers so that meals are outside the fridge / freezer for the smallest time possible.

We recommend that you seek personal advice from a doctor or Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) in relation to your own health circumstances before consuming our meals.