A dietitian’s guide to go-to snacks

A dietitian’s guide to go-to snacks for every stage of pregnancy

By Melanie McGrice, APD

We’ve all been victim to the 3pm slump.

Mid-afternoon can see hunger-pangs and chocolate cravings become front of mind – but your snacks don’t have to come with a high-calorie price tag. Snacks are actually a great opportunity to get some extra nutrients into your diet, separate from your three main meals.

Processed snack foods high in sugar, fat, and sodium are most definitely delicious, but are best left on the shelf.

While I know it can be challenging to navigate nutrition during early-motherhood, here are my favourite nutrient-rich snacks that will help, not hinder, the health of you and your bub.


Chia seed pudding – a perfect sweet treat to get you through the day and a great way to get more omega-3 in. A chia seed pudding is made from soaking chia seeds in water. Sweeten with maple syrup and fresh fruit for added fibre and taste.


Eggs are a great snack when pregnantHard boiled eggs – a simple yet delicious snack for when you’re on the go. Eggs are a good source of protein, iron, zinc and omega-3. Boil a few eggs at the start of the week to have on hand when you get hungry.


Handful of peanuts or hazelnuts – nuts pack a nutritional punch as they’re high in healthy fats and fibre. Of all nut varieties peanuts and hazelnuts are the highest in folate, which is essential for developing a healthy bub. Aim for a handful of nuts a day and always choose raw or dry roasted.


Dried fruit – dried fruit is a simple, quick snack that provides calcium and iron. Ensuring you get at least two serves of fruit a day is essential for any diet and equally as important during pregnancy.


Chickpeas contain both folate and ironRoasted chickpeas – chickpeas contain both folate and iron. Roast them up for a great substitute to crisps. Season with garlic, paprika and herbs to make this nutritious snack even tastier. Pregnancy Chef’s crumbed fish with chickpea mash, or the chickpea ragout are great ways you can also incorporate the benefits of chickpeas into your mealtimes.


Yogurt and fruit – I love yoghurt as it is one of the highest dietary sources of calcium and is also a source of protein. Choose a natural, unsweetened version and pair with fresh fruit for a sweet snack that will keep you going through the day.

Now you’ve got your snacks sorted, make sure your main meals are taken care of with Pregnancy Chef’s personalised subscription plans! Pregnancy Chef provides safe, nutritious meals so that mums-to-be can feel confident they’re getting the nutrients they need to support themselves, and their little ones.


  • Moroccan Chicken Tagine
    Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Dates and Cous Cous
  • Chinese Style Duck Stir Fry with Asian Greens
  • Glazed Salmon with Brown Basmati Rice and Asian Greens
  • Vegetable and Barley Paella


Pregnancy Chef has designed a calculator to assist you to select the right number of protein, vegetable and grain serves, ensuring you get the best nutrition for yourself and your little one. How does this work? When you select the meals you’d like to order on the website, the calculator at the top of your screen will kick into gear, and you can use it to ensure you’ve met your requirements for the week.


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